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The Wedding Photography by Why Imaging

Bali Wedding Story

The Story about love that happened in Bali

Bali Wedding Story is the essential service of Why Imaging Wedding. We offer Wedding Day Photography with a photojournalism style in Bali.
Through Bali Wedding Story, the moment, the laughter and the tears of joy, even the artistic angle of the moment  will be captured. We understand that your important day should be captured perfectly because all that’s left after your million dollar wedding is only the wedding photos which can evoke wonderful memories.
However, what we offer is more than photos, we offers awesome images in frames.

Special Promo Package

Limited time offer. Special promo collaboration package.

Our Service

bali wedding day photography


  • 8 hours wedding photography


  • 12 hours wedding photography.


We are also doing commercial photography for our clients.

The commercial photography services for advertising, company profile, fashion, food menu, website, stock photo, 360 virtual reality etc.

The commercial photography services for documenting your events, marketing gathering, product launch, MICE.

Compose your holiday memory into a long-lasting picture, with a photojournalism reportage style or magazine editorial portraiture style

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